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Music is a fundamental element in our lives. It accompanies us in every lived moment or in certain memories that come to our minds. That is why music in restaurants is so important.

The gastronomic taste and the musical atmosphere are completely compatible activities. So music can help make your dining experience more enjoyable. Given that you go to restaurants to eat, the music will serve us as atmosphere, to reduce the discomfort of the silence, to give warmth and also a certain spell.

Then you have to bet for a volume that does not overly distract the customer’s attention and does not pose a threat to the proper flow of the conversations, and in this way the music can even affect the taste and the appetite of the customers, even helping them to consume even more.

We can not ignore that there are many moments that we can only remember because of the music that accompanied them.

Celestino Martínez, marketing expert, summarizes in 3 points the effects that music has on people:

It is mood-inducing, so we relate tunes to memories or lived experiences.
The rhythms of music change the behavior. For example, fast food chains like Burger King, when the premises are very full, they change the music at a faster rate to get their customers to eat faster and thus leave room for those who are waiting.
Certain musical styles facilitate conversation and intimacy.

The important thing is that the music blends in with the culinary act and doesn’t suppose any interference, or even worse, any discomfort.

We will design your Music Menu with a large selection of music and a wide repertoire to achieve the atmosphere that best suits your audience, and also your brand identity.

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