Barcelona – Sonero – Live DJ Set – DJ David Raimer (Studio 54 NYC) & DJ Jordi Caballé

Time: enero 02, 2019 9:00 pm to 3:00 am
Location: Entença 37, Barcelona
Event Type: Live DJ Set
Organized By: DJ Jordi Caballé
About Tour

Live DJ Set: DJ David Raimer VS DJ Jordi Caballé

DJ David Raimer

The DJ’s DJ. Dj David Raimer has had residencies in the most elegant NYC venues, including Nikki Beach, Tatou Clubs in NYC, Aspen and Beverly Hills. He made history when he became the heart of Laurabell and played at the legendary Studio 54.

At 6’ 7”, he has a strong overview on what’s happening on the dance floor. Able to call music and move a crowd with the precision of a surgeon, there is no type event this veteran hasn’t graced with his skills.

David Raimer’s knowledge in music and mixing is unparalleled. His repertoire so large that clients are always complimenting him on music selection and variety. He finds joy in delivering a quality, classy event. His music makes people move from their souls. His career has had him as the resident dj in the most elegant venues in NYC. David was the heart of Laurabell’s. David has mixed at many hot clubs in NYC including Residency at Nikki Midtown. David’s career took him on a path that made him into the incredible DJ he is. When Studio 54 shut their doors David was given the mixer from the DJ booth. His personality is welcoming and makes the whole DJ experience even more pleasant. At 6’ 7” he definitely has a strong overview on what is happening on the dance floor. David is able to call music and move a crowd with the precision of a surgeon.  There is no type event this veteran of the DJ world hasn’t graced with his musical skills.

Genres: Funk, New R&B, EDM House, Deep, Tech and Top 40 Dance, Latin, Caribbean, Hip Hop House Remixes.

DJ Jordi Caballé

Jordi has been growing, evolving and innovating constantly throughout his 30 year career. Creating a very personal and unique style.

A style based on constant creativity, on permanent fusion, on the conception and production of credible and unique mixtures.

Genres: New Wave, Folk Rock, Glam Rock, Gothic Rock, Pop Rock, Electro Rock, Post Punk, Synth Pop, Techno Pop, Dance, EBM, Industrial and Future Pop.