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In fashion stores, music is a genuine marketing tool that directly influences customer behavior.

Music always influences our emotional state and it is shown that when we listen to a song we like, we change our mood, motivating ourselves and causing us to have a better time. There are even studies that show that very rhythmic music and a certain volume causes the consumer to make purchases in a more compulsive way.

But to select the music of a fashion store it will be necessary to know the targeted audience.

In fact, as early as 1928, the company Muzak pioneered the commercialization of soundtracks for establishments, as they realized the influence of music on work environments and customer behavior. So now music is a very common item in many stores, and it is even strange to go into a shop with a quiet atmosphere.

Music has become a real brand building tool so we can talk about …

Music as a brand communication tool.
As an emotional element, music defines an identity and the perception that customers have of the brand. Absence of music or music that does not fit corporate branding can cause the customer to misunderstand the brand. Then we are talking about audio branding. So if we want the client to improve their engagement with the brand it will be vital that the client identifies with the music he hears. Music will become a tool to define your brand in those places where direct customer contact is made, where the customer will make the purchase decision and where the emotional factor is decisive.

Brands with music that fits their identity are 96% more remembered. North, Hargreaves & McKendrick, 1999.
If they like the music, 67% of customers will find the establishment more modern. Critical Vision, 2012.
Up to 41% of customers find that silence in a shop is negative. RED, 2013.
99% of retail workers believe that music in establishments make them more attractive. RED, 2013.


Music to improve productivity

As an emotional element, music can also improve the mood of workers. A worker who feels happier in the workplace will be more productive. Music will create a more relaxed work environment and help reduce stress.

88% of workers were more efficient at listening to music. Critical Vision, 2012.
85% of workers think that music improves the work environment. Critical Vision, 2012.
71% of workers prefer to work with music. Critical Vision, 2012.
74% of workers who enjoy music enjoy the work more. Critical Vision, 2012.


Music to increase sales

Music will help the customer to feel more comfortable in the store, spend more time in it, and then it will also increase their likelihood of buying. According to a study by Nort, Hargreves and Mckendrick (1999) typical French and German music was used on alternate days at the wine on offer counters of a shop. During the days of French music, French wine sales increased by a 3 to 1 ratio with German wine. Whereas, when German music was played, German wine sales increased by 2 to 1 with respect to French wine.
If they like music 35% of customers will stay in the store longer. Uncovering a musical myth, Heartbeats international, 2011.
If they like the music of the store, 14% of customers will buy more. Uncovering a musical myth, Heartbeats international, 2011.

We will select and produce the necessary Music to enhance the personality of your brand and to accompany and further loyalty your valued customers!

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